Lebaran Haul

Hello my dear Shopaholic Fabs, as of today i will show you some of our haul.


On this post I will show you My Haul on Lebaran Seasons. Most of the Haul on this post are from Zara (best of the best sale out there!!) the link on each of the pictures will get you straight to the Zara Store (Indonesia).

My work outfit was very plain! Due to the office policy i could only wear white for 5 days straight. I’m a kind of a person who likes to wear a very random things with random colour, and having my closets full of white is soooo boring. Therefore i’ll always put on some outwear to make it more “bearable” on my heart, a touch of colour (or even cover up  my white dress! clever right?)

So obviously, my haul was all for outwear, and i could not resist on that bold big banner with the word sale on it.

ZARA – Shiny Camouflage
ZARA – Shiny Camouflage

isn’t these Shiny Camouflage parka looks good? it has those shiny birds on the back and it has a very interesting side pocket, on the left side it got shiny blue pocket, while on the other side it has a gold pocket.

I also bought more outwear with army-ish colour, i don’t know why, but i think green has become my favorite colour as of now, you could feel it from my bold moves to hair dye my hair with those turqoise – green-ish colour, which my mom hates. Hahahaha.

ZARA – Oversize
ZARA – Oversize

It’s called Oversize, i don’t know why zara didn’t pick catchy names for this beaded outwear. probably they runs out of ideas. i wish they came up with different names for their clothes, if you regularly check on their website you could tell they don’t put so much effort to put a name, sometimes it’s hard if you want to buy it at the store and don’t have a pictures with you.

Here’s a story for these parka, my eyebrow shapes looks sad, my sist called me snoopy, so we bought these jacket cause it’s just fun for her to look. hahahaha. called Buttoned Overshirt With Print. 

ZARA- Buttoned Overshirt
ZARA- Buttoned Overshirt

Next pictures was not on sale, but yet i could not close my eyes on this one. Those blinks beads calling out my name. (I know its sounds too much exaggerated. Hahahaha), still haven’t found the post in zara webstore, so no link for this one.


I also bought outwear other than green, Gingham Check Coat With Frill. it looks more feminine, it’s not my always-go-to kind of outwear, but it’s on sale, you didn’t need to put so much thought on that.

ZARA- Gingham Check Coat With Frill

Look at my face trying so hard not to laugh.

ZARA- Embroidered Parka

here’s another parka in blue colour called Embroidered Parka, the only outwear with hoodie.

To bright up my closets, here comes the only bright colour outwear haul,  the Double Breasted Jacket in fuschia colour..

Pretty right? And look at my shirts! Yes it’s another green colour.

there a few outwear we didn’t post in here , Faux Leather Jacket in Light Khaki, Pink, and Black (yes, we bought all three available colour) and pink coat called Faux Suede Coat a week before the lebaran sale, so it’s not included in this post.

also bought Kimono kind of outwear, not from ZARA, it’s from H&M and my sist loved it so much, she kinda wear it most of the time.


So what do you think about my outwear haul? I’m happy! I think i do not need to buy any other outwear till next year.

LAST, here’s our pictures on EID day.


So see you on other haul post!



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